20 Powerful Short Daily Prayers to Get You Through Each Day

Short daily prayers
Short daily prayers

One of these short daily prayers should be recited in the morning or at night at your convenience.

Let me take you through our short daily prayers

Short daily prayers
Short daily prayers

Though they might not want to admit it, most religious people can probably recall a time when saying a few prayers each day wasn’t exactly a part of their daily routine. Many people turn to their daily prayers when life becomes stressful, challenging, or depressing. When things are going well or when life gets busy, it can be simple to forget about the habit. But making it a habit to heal through prayer each day is a great way to prioritize quiet time with God and stay rooted in your faith on a daily basis. Praying a n prayer for today can help you feel more connected to God and can also reduce stress and anxiety on a daily basis.

Finding a place to start, however, can be overwhelming if it has been some time since you have read Scripture from the Bible. Because of this, it can be useful to have a few quick go-to Bible verses and prayers that can offer direction and encouragement throughout every stage of your life, whether you pray frequently or infrequently (every day, week, or month, for example). The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that God is always willing to hear your prayers, regardless of how frequently you make them.

1 Thanksgiving prayer

Lord, I am grateful for your abundant grace. We are grateful that the vast river of grace that flows freely for us today doesn’t require us to work for a single drop of it. I appreciate the unexpected, undeserved favor you have bestowed upon me. I need your assistance to put myself in your love and grace’s path. Please help me to maintain the habits that are necessary for me to regularly meet with you and drink from the water of life. I appreciate your deep love. Amen.

2 A Prayer for Calm

God, give me the peace to accept what I cannot change, the courage to do so, and the discernment to know the difference. Living each day and each moment to the fullest, accepting hardship as a way to peace, accepting this sinful world as it is rather than how I would like it, and trusting that if I submit to Your will, You will make everything right, allowing me to be somewhat happy in this life and supremely happy with You forever in the next. Amen.

3 Asking God for Wisdom

Oh my God, I don’t know where I’m going. The road ahead of me is not visible to me. Where it will end is uncertain to me. I don’t really know who I am, and even though I believe I’m doing what You want, that doesn’t mean I actually am. However, I think that trying to win your favor actually succeeds. And I sincerely hope that it permeates everything I do. I hope I never do anything other than what I want to do. And even though I may not be familiar with it, I know that if I do this, You will lead me down the right path. Therefore, even though I may appear to be lost and in the shadow of death, I will always have faith in You. I won’t be afraid because You are always with me and You won’t let me face my dangers on my own.

4 Prayer for Focus

I want to give you all of this year, God. I’ll do my best to think of you constantly while I’m awake.

5 Morning Prayer

Lord, good morning! A fresh start is possible because it is a new day. Any regrets, errors, or failures I may have had from yesterday are gone now. It’s a good day to rejoice and be grateful, and Lord, I am. I’m grateful for today because it gives me a fresh chance to love, give, and be everything you want me to be. Amen

6 Strengthening Prayer

I come before You today, Father in heaven, in Your omnipotent presence, and I beg You to give me courage. I ask You to give me the courage to complete every task I have today, no matter how small. Oh Lord, I only exist because of Your will. And I am aware that my continued strength today is due to Your will. Because You give me strength, I won’t be slack or fail to complete everything that is required of me. Lord, I thank You for being with us always. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

7 Stay steadfast in you

Please, Lord

Who or what will come into my path today is unknown. But You are my Rock and my Fortress, I am certain of that. You are both my strong tower and my shield. Allow me to cling to You today. Teach me to choose only Your path today and to stand firm in You. Help me follow Your truth instead of my emotions as I go. Help me to see everything that happens as a chance to see You at work and a chance to introduce others to You. I’m grateful that You love me and that nothing will ever change that. You whisper Your unwavering love into my soul, reminding me that Your mercies are new every morning, even if I fail today and fall short. Lord, I am so amazed by that. I appreciate you coming to see me today. Would You gently lull me to sleep once more tomorrow with a whisper of Your love? I’m eager to see you once more. in the name of Jesus. Amen

8 Seeking Out Better Chances


I enlist your help today as I head out in search of opportunities that are better than yesterday. Oh Lord, You are my shepherd; do not allow me to veer off my course. Let Your agents keep me from making any mistakes, and let Your eyes keep watch over me and keep me safe from all harm. There is no other God, and nothing is too big for you, Lord. So let’s squash any problems that might be ruining my day. Amen

9 A Prayer  Request for Endurance


I’m exhausted and unsure of when my life’s “race” will come to an end. In an effort to escape this trial, I feel as though I have been running for ages. Help me to stop attempting to outrun my pain and instead run the race you have set before me with endurance. I am aware that I will ultimately triumph over my struggles in life because of you. I am aware that nothing in this world can sever my connection to your unwavering love.

Please shower me with your love today and give me the stamina to get through this ordeal. I appreciate your unending love for me. And thank you for my everlasting crown of joy in your Kingdom!

10 Prayer For Pillars of Strength

I ask You, O my Father in heaven, to guide all the choices I, my family, and friends make today. You are our pillar of support, and we ask that You give us the ability to support ourselves throughout the day. God, we need Your support in every action and choice made today. Oh Lord, let goodness follow us. And give us the knowledge to prevent any unfavorable events in our hour of need. Lord, we appreciate You blessing us with Your presence. Amen

11 Praying for guidance


Please give me the fortitude and bravery to face this day. Help me to persevere when I’m tempted to give up. Give me a positive outlook even when things don’t go my way. And give me the bravery to take the necessary action. In the name of Jesus. Amen

12 Prayer before leaving for work


Oh Lord, today when I go to work, let me work by Your words. I want You to be my Rock and my Fortress and to keep me safe from any difficulties I may encounter today. Lord, direct my steps and grant me great success from the moment I arrive at work until I leave it. Father, help me to follow my decisions so I can enjoy the results of my labor. I thank You for the miracles that You have worked and I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen.

13 Desire God


I ask that you help the Spirit of God move more firmly in my life. I pray to resist the temptation to sin because I am aware of how any sin can antagonize and muffle the voice of the Spirit. Help me to desire you more than I desire sin. Help me develop the fruit of the Spirit so that I can get closer to You. I ask that your Spirit lead me and that I always think about your promises and will. In the name of Jesus. Amen

14 A Stimulating Prayer

A new day has begun, and it is brimming with potential. I ask You, Lord in heaven, to work wonders in the life of “insert name.” He or she won’t lack anything, and any obstacle put in their way today will just be a stepping stone. Let songs of praise be sung in Your Holy Name as today comes to an end. “Name” will experience miracles, blessings, and supernatural protection each and every day of his or her life. I praise You, Lord, and I give You thanks for Your mercy. Amen.

15 Life-affirming Prayers


Please help me to cherish the life I currently lead. Help me be content with what I have by pointing out the positive aspects that I frequently overlook. Please pardon me when I judge myself against others and when I want for things outside of You and Your realm. I’m grateful that You accept me exactly as I am and right where I am. Keep my focus on You, please. In the name of Jesus. Amen

16 A Happiness Prayer

Please, Lord

Please remind me of the difference it makes to prioritize spending time with You in the morning. As I get ready for the day, awaken me in body and spirit each morning with a longing to meet with You and hear Your words of affirmation, assurance, and knowledge spoken over my heart. In the name of Jesus. Amen

17 Begin each day with God


Please inspire my will with bravery, illuminate my intellect with truth, warm my heart with love, and make my life richer with service. Forgive what I have done, sanctify what I am, and set the course for what I will become. Amen.

18 A Prayer for Ultimate Love


I must express my gratitude to You for loving me despite all of my flaws. Forgive me when I don’t treat others with the same level of love. Give me the ability to see the needs of the challenging individuals in my life and guide me in how to provide for them in a manner that brings You glory. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

19 Prayer for Difficult Times

Lord, please help me to bear in mind that nothing that happens to me today will be more than You and I can manage. Amen.

20 A Prayer to Maintain Faith

Almighty God,

We approach Your face with all of our hearts. We will constantly be seeking You out and hoping that You would direct our lives in the correct direction. You are our Father and God, so guard us. Protect everyone who is in danger or who must put themselves in danger. Make the dying aware of Your immense love and living presence in their hearts. Draw our hearts together so that we may have fellowship in You, with our hope and faith centered solely in You. Since You are in control of all things, please keep us safe at night and grant us peace regarding all of our worries. You have control over everyone’s worries. Our Father, Lord God, You hold us in Your hands, and we desire to stay there. Everything may be restored and healed by your hands. Amen.

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