Best Morning Prayers for the Family

Best Morning Prayers for the Family

Morning Prayers

Your morning routine has an impact on how you feel the rest of the day. If you have a bad morning, you’re probably going to feel testy and unappreciative all day. However, if you begin each morning with family morning prayers, it would certainly have a beneficial impact on the rest of your day.

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Setting the foundation for the day by praying in the morning can help you to seek God’s mercy and direction for your future. Lift up all of your requests in the morning before you are overwhelmed by the demands of the day, whether they are for safety, serenity, strength, or something else.

A rewarding habit where you direct your time and attention to God is praying together in the morning. Setting aside time for Him is crucial, and doing so with your kids will help them develop and grow in their trust in God. As you are putting Christ at the heart of your family, it will also assist to improve that bond.

Objectives for the Morning Prayer

Best Morning Prayers for the Family
Morning Prayers for the Family

Essentially, prayer objectives are the plans for our prayers. These are the goals we desire to present to God. Prayer points are frequently based on ideas, assertions, convictions, and affirmations found in the Bible. Some people use prayer points as a guide so they can pray effortlessly without having to consider their objectives before they begin.

Here are a few common prayer points that every family should remember throughout their morning prayers.

Seeking the presence and direction of God

Thy word is a light to my path and a candle to my feet.

PSALM 119:105

There are times when we simply need to be reminded that God is with us at every turn. Don’t forget to lift it all to Him. Perhaps you anticipate a difficult day or your child is dreading going to school. Ask God to be with you and your family so that you can face whatever is ahead with His help.

Pray for wisdom and courage

Through Christ, who gives me power, I can accomplish anything.


One may encounter several difficulties and tribulations throughout their lifetime. Additionally, there are days when we simply do not feel like praying; this is another argument in favor of family prayer. Together, pray at the beginning of each day for the perseverance of body, mind, and spirit. Use this opportunity to beg the Holy Spirit of God to bring knowledge so you can overcome these difficulties.

Say a family prayer for unity

Best Morning Prayers for the Family
Family prayer for unity

If someone has a complaint against another, be patient with them and forgive them; just as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.


It is also crucial to pray for the stability and harmony of your family since, as the saying goes, “The family that prays together, stays together.” Ask God to be the center of your family and ask that your ties to one another grow.

Include a prayer of reconciliation for the individuals involved if your family is currently experiencing difficulties. Even if we may not always get along with our family, at the end of the day, we should strive to maintain harmony and love one another.

Giving thanks for the lives of your family

Parents are the pride of their children, and children’s children are a crown to the elderly.


Gratitude for your family members’ lives should be your first thought of the day. Whatever your disagreements may be, keep your eye on the positive aspects of having them as family and be thankful that God has given you with them.

Prayer to become a wonderful family member

Respect your parents so that you may live long lives in the land that the Lord, your God, is giving you.

EXODUS 20:12

Ask God to give you wisdom so that you can be a decent family member, whether you are the parent, the child, or both. For the parents, kindly request that you serve as a good example and a loving parent who reflects God’s character. Additionally, enlist His help in parenting your kids.

Ask God to guide your children to be decent sons and daughters who will support the family rather than creating problems. Additionally, despite having a difficult day, you make your parents happy.

Ask God for His blessings

And in accordance with the abundance of his glory in Christ Jesus, God will supply all your needs.


Ask for God’s blessings and provisions for your family in the morning and express your gratitude for them. Have faith that God will provide you with everything you need, including the money, to support your family.

Prayers for safety for the family

The safest barrier to protect you and your family from harm is the Lord’s protection. Before leaving your house and sending your family members to their jobs and schools, pray for protection from God. Ask Him to keep you and your loved ones safe from the emotional and physical harm.

Thank you for each and every life in this home. We are also grateful for the family with which you have given us. We thank and honor you for providing us devoted parents who provide for our necessities, show us unconditional love, and take good care of us, as well as for giving us children who exhibit love as pure as yours.

We are grateful to the Lord God for His unwavering benefits and for His unfailing love. We ask that everyone of us live the day with an attitude of gratitude.

We supplicate in Your name. Amen.

Family Morning Prayer

We are thankful to You, God, our Father, for giving each and every one of us life. We appreciate You allowing our family to worship and exalt You this morning. No matter what is in store for us today, may You keep in us a sense of eternal thanks and love.

God the Father, we beg You to cover and guard this family with the most priceless blood of Your Son, Jesus. Protect us from harm and lead us with Your unfailing love.

We also ask that You, O Lord, continue to be the focal point of our home. Let Your unwavering, unconditional faith serve as the thread that ties this family together and keeps it strong. Remind us always of Your love so that we can continue to be decent family members.

Lord, bless each and every one of us; grant this family’s parents the knowledge and fortitude to serve as good role models and financial providers. God, bless the children and teach them how to become Your devoted and devoted servants.

Lord God, we also ask for Your abundant gifts because we are confident in Your unfailing love for us and the abundance of Your grace. We humbly ask that You grant us the means to provide a shelter over the heads of our kids as well as food and clothing. Father, bless us so that as a family we may continue to be a benefit to others. Lord, we adore and exalt Your name. Amen.

Day Morning Prayer for the Family

Best Morning Prayers for the Family

Thank You, God the Father, for this brand-new opportunity for our family to worship You. We are grateful for the closeness of family, for having our parents and children still alive, and for having healthy bodies.

Lord, send us Your Holy Spirit so He can lead us through whatever is ahead. We are aware that You are with us at every turn; please serve as a reminder if the ebb and flow of the day overwhelm us.

We also beg for the courage to push on in the face of fear and despair. Lord God, grant us the courage to climb our mountains and the discernment to make decisions that are in line with Your will when we are in doubt.

Lord, please protect us from harm and temptations today and guide us toward becoming moral role models for our family. God, bless us today with Your love and give us Your everlasting grace.

In the name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.


Saying even a brief prayer at the beginning of the day is such an important thing, regardless of where you are in life, what your challenges are, or whether you are on the upside or downside of the wheel. It’s much better to start the day with your family, in particular.

It is not necessary to spend the entire morning doing brief morning prayers for and with your family. Take the time to talk to God and bring your issues before Him while enjoying your morning tea or coffee, or even while eating breakfast.

Your morning prayers only need to be sincere; they don’t need to be long. Your day would be happier and more blessed once you give morning prayers with your family a try.

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