Prayer For Miracle and Healing

Prayer For Miracle
Prayer For Miracle

Let us Pray this Prayer For Miracle and Healing

Heavenly, Father

You understand what I need let this prayer for miracle and healing grant absolute solution in me. You are aware of how desperate I am for a job, for the work I enjoy doing, and for the opportunity to advance in my career. Father, I ask that you lead me as I move forward with my job search. May I put your wishes and your plan before my own, focusing first and foremost on your will for my life? Open the doors to the new opportunities you have in store for me, and grant me the abilities, information, and discernment I need to proceed with this process.

Give me the courage to express who I am and what I can do as I create my resume, write my cover letters, submit my applications, network with new organizations and potential employers, and attend interviews. Give me the courage I can muster, as well as humility. Lord, I put my life in your capable hands. May You have Your way. I appreciate your support and your constant provision for all of my needs. Thank you Lord. May everything work for your honor. In Jesus name. Amen.

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Daily prayer to uplift your spirit

O Holy Mary, Mother of Heaven, I now dedicate my life to serving you forever after serving the Evil One as his slave. I also offer myself to praise and serve you for the rest of my life. Accept me as your servant, and do not push me away from You as I merit. I put all my faith in you, Blessed Mother. God alone deserves all the glory and praise for granting me this trust in you out of mercy.

It is true that I have consistently sinned in the past, but I pray that God will forgive me through the mercy of your son, Jesus, and your prayers. However, most lovely Mother, this is not enough. I’m troubled by the idea that I might one day lose God’s grace. I’m constantly in danger, the devil is active, and I’m constantly being tempted. Please defend me from my spiritual foe’s attacks, my Queen; protect me. Never again should you allow me to sin or hurt Jesus, your Son. Let me avoid losing my soul, Heaven, and God through sin. I beseech you for this one favor, Mother Mary; may my wish be granted and this be made possible through your intercession. I certainly hope so. Amen

I am Your humble servant, and I come before You today, Father in heaven. When compared to Your immense excellence, I feel helpless and frail. both here and in the afterlife. You have control over everything, including my life, and in my worship of Your name, I stand to achieve everything.

Almighty God, I ask for immediate miracles that will stop the purported drawbacks in my life and make them advantages. All of my life will be filled with your miracles, and throughout the course of my long life, I won’t be far from giving you praise. I ask that instead of allowing the threats from my enemies to materialize, You would use me as a living example to proclaim Your favor for the rest of my days. I appreciate your responses, and I pray in the name of Jesus, amen.

Also a bible verse to guide you; Jeremiah 17:14

Father Most Kind, I humbly submit to you as I do right now.

I give myself completely to you, God.

As my shepherd, Savior, and Healer, I accept you.

Please manage my life and affairs, Heavenly Father.

Please strengthen my body, mind, and soul, heal me, and change me.

Please cover me with your grace and pardon me for my trembling and sins, O loving Father.

Please let joy, love, faith, and gratitude flow into my being.

Nobody but You, Father, has the solution to my problem. I have unwavering faith in You.

I have complete faith that Your grace will provide a solution to this financial issue.

I respectfully request that you grant me your glorious miracle so that I can pay off all of my debts.

Please grant me a stable income, and I swear to always use it for the good of myself, my loved ones, friends, and those in need.

I adore You, Lord, and I give You thanks.

Father, I’m going to follow You every day of my life.


Father of all creation, thank you for issuing a straightforward command that separated light from darkness. At this very moment, I humbly implore You to work Your miracles in every sphere of my life, the same way You spoke to the ground’s dust when You made human beings in Your own image and likeness. Please send your healing energy into my body, I beg you. Control every cell, electrical and chemical impulse, joint, tissue, ligament, gland, organ, muscle, bone, and molecule in my body by sending out your word. to fall under the categories of complete and ideal health, power, alignment, balance, and harmony.

Father, it is only because of you that I am able to breathe, move, and exist. I live on your power to keep me alive with every breath I take. I beg you to use the same miraculous power to create me today as you did while I was still inside my mother’s womb. Lord, you can reshape me right now and bring back my health just as you did when you created me in your image and likeness.

Father, please give me your healing power. Throw out everything that shouldn’t live inside of me. I beg you to mend everything that is damaged, eradicate all illness and disease, clear all clogged veins and arteries, and revive my internal organs. Rebuild my harmed tissues, reduce all swelling, and rid me of all infections, viruses, and harmful bacteria.

God, fill my entire being with the warmth of your healing love, so that my body can function as it was intended to—whole and well-rounded, refreshed in your ideal health. I make this request through your Son, my Lord, Jesus Christ, who, along with You and the Holy Spirit, is one God and has eternal life. Amen.

Lord If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from the Bible, it’s that Your power is capable of doing wonders. I observed Your healing of the blind, and then my fingers moved on to other instances in the texts, such as the purging of the ten lepers.

Lord, I ask for Your divine mercy in the same way so that I may receive total physical, mental, and spiritual healing. Father, fill my body with Your divine power and let it permeate every crevice in my body in the name of Jesus. Make me whole and a living example of Your might so I can joyfully dance in Your name. I thank You in the name of Jesus for the favor. Amen.

Jesus, be blessed. Just as I am, I bowed before You. Please forgive me; I sincerely apologize for my transgressions and repent of my sins. I absolve all others of their wrongdoing toward me in Your Name. I reject Satan, evil spirits, and all of their wicked deeds. I commit my entire being to You. I hereby and forever invite You, Lord Jesus Christ, into my life. You are welcome to be my Lord and Savior. Heal me, transform me, and make me stronger in body, soul, and mind.

I love You, Christ, and I beg You to cover me with Your priceless blood and anoint me with Your Holy Spirit. I thank You, Jesus, and I will follow You each and every day of my life.


Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ, for loving my dear friend who is in need of healing.

I am aware that You despise what that condition is doing. I beg you to have mercy and heal my dear friend of all illness.

Lord, you perform miracles for the sick and the lost souls.

You, Lord, pardon my dear friend and deliver him from all sins and judgment for all time.

Encourage my dear friend to place complete trust in You because You, Lord, are the best healer.

You are kind, You are patient, You are thoughtful, and You are strength. You heal, You protect, You care, You love, You guard, You guide, You govern.

You are our Creator, Lord.

I am aware from my own experience that not everyone can be healed. Keep my dear friend’s heart soft toward You if that occurs here.

Help us all, but especially my dear friend, to comprehend Your plan for us and to look forward to heaven.

Lord, I thank you that my dear friend belongs to you and that everything that occurs in our lives, from our first breath to our last sigh, is under your control. Amen

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