Powerful Prayer for Declarations over my Life by Apostle Joshua Selman

Powerful Prayer for Declarations over my Life by Apostle Joshua Selman

This prayer for declarations over your life is a prophetic prayer that will help break through of any spiritual attacks, generational curses and evil manipulations.

I declare over your life. Anything that has been assigned by hell to destroy you between now and December, 

Powerful Prayer for Declarations over my Life by Apostle Joshua Selman

Prayer for Declarations over your Life

in whatever form, whether to come directly or to come through the realm of the spirit, manipulating your dreams and visions. 

Anything that has been sent by hell in the name of Jesus, I cost it to his roots now. I cause it to its roots. Amen

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Whatever in your life has stopped growing because growth is a sign of progress. Are we together now? I don’t know what has stopped growing in your life. 

Maybe the unknown thing. God, as God gave you, is still at the level.No new thing in your life, no. Revelation on the same level, pray alive on the same level. 

You are not called into a system of just maintenance. You are called into a system of growth. Growth as a shining light. 

Whatever, that has stop growing positively in your life. By the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The Bible says, at the scent of water, I decree and declare. May growth happen in that area of your life. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Now please, hear me. I’m praying again. If there is anybody here that is in the realm of the spirit among the list of those who are deceased, your name is already there, written already or the name of your family members. 

I’m praying right now. I blocked your name from the realm of the spirits. 

I blocked your name from the realalm of the spirits. 

Now, hear mehear me, there are people who may not die physically, but when everything in your life shorts down, you are dead, even if you are. I want to pray. 

If anyone here is a victim of witchcraft. Foundations and any ordinance, something has hijacked you. 

You know it, you look at your life and you know that your life is under a siege in the name of Jesus Christ, be released from it now. Whatever makes evil look like good. 

And then good looks like evil, confusing you and destroying you. Many of you have gotten into trouble today because you call evil good and you walked into trouble. 

I pray for you right now with precision and clarity. May your hearing unseen be corrected, be corrected, be corrected, be correct. Your hearing and your scene now be corrected in the name of . Aleluya. 

Now, let me pray against losses. What are losses of money, losses of opportunities, There are many of you, nothing good stays consistently. 

Do you know the ability to retain is proof of strength in the spirit that strong men retain wealth. He’s not just talking about money alone. When God gives you things and it does not stay, it is wickedness. 

The devil has punctured roles around people’s lives. And any good thing just evaporates. 

I want to pray for you. The spirit that makes you lose good things, good people. Good opportunities, good relationships. I command that spirit to leave your destiny now. Leave your destiny, now. Finally, let me prophesy over your. 

Beginning from now till the end, December. 2022. I want to pray for you. I want you to receive this as a prophetic word in the name of Jesus by God. Who has called me, I profess side to you, whatever you are victim of now. 

Either because of the mistakes of lack of discernment, Anything you have suffered, anything that has left your life, opportunities you would have enjoyed. But simply because you did not hear and see, and some of you are saying. 

Is it too late to have it back by the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the prophetic, I reach forward into the past and bring it back to your future. Bring. And as restoration. In the name of Jesus Christ. In the mighty name of. 

In the mighty name of. And every hand that has collected, what is your own. Every hand that has collected. What is your own? You are destiny. But it has never arrived because another hand has collected it in the name of Jesus by the fire of the Holy Ghost. I release it to enter your hand. Aleluya. 

A wrong hand collected the blessing of Esau. And, Isaac said. This smell is of Esau, but the handis of Jacob. I’m the smell of someone else, but the hand collectivities of someone else. Again, I’m praying one last time to night, colonial, any hand that has collected. 

What is your own? In the name of Jesus, I stand by the power of prophecy, Ayurveda, and, and I forced it to. Listen, some of you, by next week. You will come here with fearful testimonies of things. I just turned around for you. 

In the name of Jesus Christ. How, you know. You have been exempted from the pain of this time that God will force someone to remember you. I am praying for you. 

“I will declare that your love stands firm forever” (Psalm 89:2)

Whoever has forgotten you and any spirit that has manipulated the memory of help us so that they will forget. You may remember you tonight. Madam. This night, in the name of Jesus too. 

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