Prayer Declarations For The Month Of March

This a very effective prayer which all individuals needs to engage on this new month.



Cheers to March 2023! Praying for your loved ones is a wonderful thing, attempting to make them happy is the best, but the real deal is sending new month prayer SMS or sharing our link with them!

You can use the amazing prayers and declarations that we have collected for you. They’re fantastic, and you’ll love them for sure.

Scroll down, choose some text, and start forwarding it to your friends. This new month of March 2023 will bring so many surprises for all of us, and I firmly think God will bring about fresh developments in our lives.

Your own heart should be the source of the most effective prayer you can offer for the upcoming month.

Pour your heart out to God this morning and entrust Him with the remaining days of March 2023.

He is capable of doing far more than we could ever ask or imagine. Do you agree with that?

Tell God about the crisis your nation is currently through. Inform Him of your needs.

We don’t correctly direct most of our prayers to God, which is a problem. Ask God specifically for what you need, and I promise that if your connection with Him is strong, He will pay attention to you.

We occasionally need to examine ourselves internally. In the great name of Jesus, this new month of March 2023 will favor each and every one of us!

By Saying This Easy Prayer, You Can Receive Jesus As Your Personal Lord and Savior: “Lord Jesus, I come before You today with a broken and contrite heart full of repentance. Please pardon me for my many sins. I give my life over to You today, confessing with my mouth that I believe Jesus is Lord. Come into my life, Jesus, and keep my soul from being destroyed forever in the fires of hell. I pray in the name of Jesus.


May this month be filled with all that is good and free from all that is bad. I’m wishing you a truly lovely new month.

Greetings from March 2023. Your family should always have reasons to celebrate, and may you be protected from the terrible atrocities committed by men.

There will be a lot of joy and happiness in March. Throughout 31 of those days, you will delight in God’s goodness. Happy new month!

As we lift our hands in praise and give thanks to the Lord, this month will bring everyone a bounty of blessings. Happy new month to everyone!

While we rejoice in the promise of a brand-new month, I send you my heartiest wishes.

I simply wanted to quickly wish everyone a happy new month and wish them success in progressively achieving their dreams.

As you strive to realize God’s hope, I send you my best wishes for the upcoming month. May you enjoy universal adoration!

I just want to make sure I say good new month and wish you luck in life with the Lord’s blessings mixed in. Greetings from March.

Happy New Month Prayers to my Lovely Wife

I just want to wish you a happy new month and hope that you overcome every obstacle and problem that stands in the way of your destiny.

I adore hearing from friends that they are my best friend, and you are. May this new month bring love into your home, lest I forget!

As you look up to your daily needs, I pray that your hands will be able to meet them. May the Lord bless you with unending joy during this unique month.

I simply wanted to wish a happy new month to each and every one of you. Have fun all the way until the end.

I’m wishing you a wonderful new month that will bring you relief from your previous suffering. I beseech the Lord to honor you greatly.

May this new month bring you the unbounded success that will enable you to realize all of your ambitions. Happy new month!

Happy new month to all of my close friends! I am grateful for your unwavering support.

As we enter a new month, I wish you nothing but the finest on this planet. Continue to be blessed throughout your entire life.

I hope this new month brings happiness to everyone. May you have a lot of success and wealth throughout the day!

As we celebrate the success of the newest month, we give thanks to the Almighty God who has preserved our life up to this point.

We hope that this new month will bring you great success and make you one of the happiest individuals in the world.

Many successes occur when we least expect them. I hope that this May, success will find you unexpectedly.

I’m wishing you much success in this lovely new month; may you find happiness and success.

Whatever transpires in this new month, may the Lord count you among His most favored subjects ever!


Friendships are crucial. The only way to actually live a happy life on earth is to establish friends with worthwhile people since no man is an island.

They are members of your inner circle, and they respect you for who you are.

When others are absent, they are still there for you. If two people are truly friends and appreciate the link of friendship, then they are the most beautiful presents in life.

We have also collected lovely texts for your pal this month of March from various sources (s).

Choose your option from the list below, then share it with your friends. They will adore it.

They’ll esteem you more since you’ve made it clear where they stand in your heart.

Even the Bible recognizes that some friends are closer than blood.

Recall the biblical characters David and Jonathan! When they most needed it, their friendship helped them.

Scroll down, pick your favorites, copy them, and send them to your friends.

In fact, having strong and supportive friends nearby is what will keep you going. Today, strive to make them feel special:

To share this link on any of the social media sites listed below this post, copy any of the text and send it to your loved one as an SMS.

There are no cards to send, no bouquets of flowers to send, no bags of rice to deliver—just a kind heart wishing you a joyful new month. You will succeed this month when others merely plant seeds. Greetings from March 2023.

Dear me! You’ll be too loaded this month to go lost. Even in the midst of a recession, you will experience smooth acceleration. You’ll overtake you and take everything you own from you.

Our lives are made up of minutes, hours, days, and months, just as the ocean is composed of billions of tiny drops. Sometimes, everything is essential. Have a great month and don’t waste any time!

We will advance this month. happy new month

“Where we focus our attention is the only thing that needs to alter for us to know happiness in our life.” Gregory Anderson Dear, happy new month.

May God’s power connect as we enter a new month and position you on ladders of testimonies. Enjoy the new month!

Before the end of the first seven days of this month, your family and friends will both say they are proud of you, your neighbors will say they wish they were you, and those who identify as your enemies will claim that you have a living god. I wish you a happy new month!

“The topic of a new month is not whether or whether we ought to do so. We should have a new soul, according to G. K. Chesterton. To You, a Happy New Month.

Forget the past and sincerely welcome the new month. I wish you bright days and peaceful nights. Happy new month!

New experiences in a new month.

Make the most of your opportunities today because you might not have another one.

I hope that the approaching month will be filled with happiness, love, and moments of inspiration for you.

I hope you all have a fantastic new month, my friends. I wish you success in whatever you undertake in this brand-new month.

All of my friends, family members, and well-wishers have a nice new month, and I wish you all luck in your endeavors today.

Simply keep repeating “Amen” for protection, promotion, elevation, peace, favor, wealth, and other blessings. Happy New Month! All this and more are yours, in Jesus’ name.

As you wake up to a new month, I pray that whatever you set your hands to this month will be a success.

I think this new month has brought a lot of success, therefore I pray that it will fill your house with an ocean of good fortune.

May this new month bring you fresh prospects and good fortune for your family’s concerns!

I’m sending you my warmest wishes for a wonderful month. I fervently hope you will always be successful. Happy new month!

I’m overjoyed and delighted to wish you all a very happy new month. May you now discover the peace of your thoughts!

Happy new month, friend. May the success that pours in love and unending passion find its way to your home now and for the rest of your life.

I send you my best wishes for everything lovely there is. I hope you will always be in good standing in the eyes of your Lord.

I pray that you will experience inner peace, that the Lord will pull you near to Him, and that He will grant you great success. Happy new month!

I’m sending the prettiest greetings possible to all of my friends. I wish you everyone a good new month and tell you how much I love you all.

I wish you all the success in the world, and I pray that it will continue to be unrestricted for the rest of time.

I just want to say happy new month and wish you a day full of prosperity and tranquil moments.

I send you my prayers for joy and encouragement in this new month. May you rank among the world’s most accomplished women!

I’m thrilled to wish you a very happy new month and hope that it brings you unique things.

On this memorable day, there is even another fantastic opportunity. I just want to wish the most stunning women a good new month.

I’m sending my dear pals my very best wishes for the present and the future. I wish you great success in the upcoming month.

You won’t see another Egyptian like the ones you did in the previous month. In the name of Jesus, God will fight for you as you maintain your composure. He will meet all of your expectations for today. Happy new month!

My intentions for you this new month are endless favor, unstoppable advancement, divine breakthrough, and success in all your endeavors.

Hi buddy, the first day of the new month is today. It also promises to be a fresh start for you. After taking a deep breath, start moving in the direction of your goal. I hope you all have success. Enjoy the new month!

I wish you excellent health, a long life, a breakthrough, limitless prosperity, God’s blessings, and anything else good you can think of obtaining as we start a new month.

I command that you will soar above your counterparts, much like the rising sun in the morning, and that no one will be able to perceive your shadow.

127 Best Happy New Month Prayer Wishes

I’m wishing you a wonderful new month filled with exciting new experiences.

Happy new month!

Your life will keep emitting brightness and light. I simply want to wish everyone a very happy new month.

As we begin a new month with much love and prosperity, I wish everyone a fantastic day.

I offer my prayers for your success today and always, hoping you the most lovely things life has to offer. Happy new month!

I hope you succeed above your expectations in this new month. Dearest, happy new month.

Happy new month to the best-looking pal you’ve ever known. As we start a new month, I wish you the best.

You are the sweetest friend I have ever known, and I will always hope for your success because of that. Happy new month!

Whatever you are aiming for in life right now will be realized for you as quickly as possible. I send my best wishes for this new month.

I hope you smile and invite positive things into your home as we begin this new month. Happy new month!

I’d want to wish a very special and adorable buddy of mine a happy new month and the absolute best in both this life and the next.

May you have a life filled with success and prosperity, and may you experience unending tranquility throughout your entire life.

To those who mean a lot to me, I just want to shout out a heartfelt “happy new month!” May your days be filled with development.

Happy new month, my dear buddy! I hope this beautiful month has been filled with many blessings for you.

I’m wishing you a fantastic new month because the new moon brings about a lot of new things.

As you finish this month, may you experience unending serenity in your life! For you, new opportunities will arise.

It won’t be tough for you to succeed in this life; just as it’s simple for leaves to fall from a tree, it won’t be difficult for you to solve your problems.

May your fortunes increase one by one as this new month’s first sunrises, till you achieve your objectives.

You have a lot of goals you want to accomplish, and because you are unique, I pray that all of them come true this month.


Happy new month, my dear friends! I wish you the most romantic moment imaginable.

When this month begins, may your partner show you unending love. Your marriage and you both have blessings.

Because you are more dear to me than you can ever know, I wish you the most lovely things on earth.

It makes me happy to know that you are still alive as of this month; may you find lasting serenity.

Every new month brings its unique fortunes; may you too benefit from them and succeed in life.

It makes me happy that you’ve finally succeeded. Happy month to you, dear friend. I appreciate everything you did, and I hope this month is lucky for you.

I’m hoping that this new month will bring you harmony and an overflowing cup of glory. Your financial success will know no limits.

You will have love and awesomeness today as we start a new month. Soon, happiness will find you.

Grow quietly this month because while a seed grows quietly, a tree falls violently and does damage. Happy new month!

I want to wish all of my beautiful friends a very happy new month and hope you all an amazing month.

Happy new month to the people who really mean to me. I send you and your family abundant love and appreciation.

It gives me great joy to wish you a very happy new month. I hope all of your attempts bring you peace of mind.


I just want to wish you a happy new month and wish your days to be filled with peace, harmony, peaceful love, and passion.

Happy new month, my most beloved pal ever. I hope you have a fulfilling life and leave a lasting legacy.

May you experience unending tranquility in your heart and may your success continue unabated both now and forever!

I simply want to bid February farewell and welcome March, along with all the fortunes and good fortunes that come with it in 2023. Happy new month!

I just want to wish you a good new month and pray that the Lord of this new month blesses you with many wonderful events that pleasure your heart.

I hope you have a day filled with peace and a lifetime filled with joy and happiness. Happy new month!

Bible verses for declaration in this month of March; Isaiah 42:9, Deuteronomy 28:13

Remain blessed as you say this prayer! 

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