Powerful Missionaries Short Christian Prayers

Powerful Missionaries Short Christian Prayers
Powerful Missionaries Short Christian Prayers

21 Missionaries’ Short Christian Prayers

Depending on where they are in the world, many missionaries face daily risks, and conveying the Word of God to people is not an easy undertaking. The following are 21 brief Missionaries Short Christian Prayers.

Protection Prayer

Lord of Power, I come before You on behalf of those serving under dangerous situations overseas. I’d want to pray You, merciful Lord, to protect each member of the family and keep an eye on them as they arrive and depart. I pray that You remove any snares or traps set by their foes from before them. I pray that You keep them safe so that they can continue to serve You. Amen.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

God of the Armies of Heaven, I come before You on behalf of all missionaries everywhere. Their calling has led them to regions where Your adversary defends fiercely. They are targeted by your adversary because they attempt to lead the lost to salvation. Please use Your strong arm to shield them from the phantom adversary. Teach those who will believe how to fight spiritual wars and stand their ground for the benefit of those who will believe. Lord, be their shield and protector. Amen.

Provisional Prayer

Gracious Father, I pray for my missionary colleagues. They rely on the generosity and help of others. Lord, I pray that You would burden more people’s hearts to support their efforts. I pray that You would go beyond those who are aware of them. I ask that You open the hearts of strangers and establish new mission partnerships. Please open the Heavenly storehouses and pour money benefits on them. Amen.

Prayer for Prayers of Encouragement

Father, bless you. I come before You on behalf of the missionaries all around the world. Their seclusion can frequently make individuals feel alone. Lord, I especially pray for lone missionaries. In Jesus’ name, I ask that You remind them when they feel alone that we are praying for them. They are not by themselves. We stand by them. I pray that they will tangibly perceive our prayers for them and be inspired to continue the work You have given them. Amen.

Fruitfulness Prayer

God of Blessing, ministering internationally is a far more difficult task than we think. Lord, I ask that You bless their plans to go out to their people or cities for Your glory. Lord, I hope that You would take the seeds they are planting and bring them to fruition. Please open the hearts of those in their community to Your truth. Go ahead of them and prepare the hearts of those who will be Yours. Amen.

Wisdom Invocation

Precious Holy Spirit, missionaries bear a great deal of duty. I pray that You keep an eye on them and guide them as they endeavor to reach out to the lost around them. I know all wisdom comes from You, so please shower them with it. As they work in perilous environments, I pray for supernatural wisdom and discernment to know what is safe and what is not. Please bless the missionaries with Your knowledge today. Amen.

Prayer for Direction

Missionaries have the arduous challenge of finding ways inside the people groups they are attempting to reach, God of Light. They have a lot of options, ideas, and proposals. Their plans are always in front of them. Experience has shown us that what works well in one place does not always work well in another. As a result, I am pleading with You to help direct their plans and bless the labor of their hands. Amen.

Prayer for Good Health

Many missionaries are living in filthy conditions, Jesus, my Great Physician. They live, work, shop, and simply exist in filthy conditions. I ask that You surround them and their families with a protective hedge. Please guard their health and surround them with Your love. Reach out Your hand and heal where there is illness today. Transportation to get the sick to safety may be required; dear father, I ask that You provide for that as well. Amen

Emotional Well-Being Prayer

Heavenly Father, for missionaries, being apart from their home, culture, family, friends, and church can be daunting at times. I ask for Your protection over their emotional well-being. I pray especially for individuals who are new to the field, as they are the most vulnerable to the transition. Gracious Lord, I hope that You would instill in our hearts a desire to reach out to them in novel ways, making the distance seem less daunting. In Christ Jesus, keep their minds safe. Amen.

Spiritual Life Prayer

Abba, Father, living in a foreign culture requires more energy and time. I pray that You would fill the missionaries’ hearts with a desire to spend time with You. Please lead families in joint worship. Please help them break down the barriers of their hectic lives. Their jobs are difficult, but their spiritual well-being must come first. I beseech You, Gracious Lord, to infuse spiritual hunger in everyone of them so that they may be the most effective. Amen.

Language Studies Prayer

Lord of the Universe, I’d like to pray for the missionaries who are currently studying languages. I pray that You may provide them with tremendous wisdom and understanding in their studies. I pray especially for those who are fresh to the field. It might be rather daunting at first. I beseech You to offer them additional peace, resolve, and understanding. Grant them academic achievement so that those You have called may know You. Amen.

Mental Health Prayer

Oh, Jesus, my All-Powerful Healer, I came before You now to ask for Your blessing on the missionaries. Isolation and stress can often bring individuals to the brink of mental breakdown. I beseech You to give them the mind of Christ and to keep them safe. I pray that You will provide the necessary assistance to those who are already experiencing mental distress. I entrust them all in Your loving hands and beg for Your protection. Amen.

The Children’s Prayer

God of Compassion and Grace, I come to You in prayer for the missionary children. Their lives are distinct and, at times, difficult. Children are resilient, Lord; nonetheless, they frequently face severe hardships and struggles. I ask that You give them more strength and wisdom. I also ask that You keep them safe, both physically and spiritually. Lord, keep their hearts safe and set them apart for Your work. Amen.

Prayer to Provide Prayer Partners

Heavenly Lord, I come before You on behalf of the missionaries around the world today. I want to place them into Your hands, Lord, and ask for a hedge of protection around them. You know which individuals need prayer right now. I pray on their behalf, asking for Your blessing. The most vital part of any ministry endeavor is prayer. For this reason, I also ask for You to provide other prayer warriors who will stand beside them in their ministry through prayer. Amen.

Faithfulness Prayer

Loving Devotion God, I pray for missionaries all across the world. I beg You to assist them in being committed to the call You have given them. I hope that when they are about to give up, You will give them Your strength and a desire to keep going. I ask that You put Your fire in their chests when they don’t want to leave their house. Please, Lord, assist them in continuing to be Your hands and feet. Amen.

Prayer against Disappointment

All-Seeing Father, Today, I’d want to pray for missionaries. Often, the absence of fruit from their labors might be discouraging. Disappointment can lead to self-doubt and melancholy. I pray that You may support them in their ministries as they confront these challenging times. Please give them calm while they wait for Your timing and wisdom in reaching out to the lost. Amen.

A Blessings Prayer

God of Loving Devotion, it is difficult for us to comprehend everything that our missionaries are experiencing. What they truly require from us is that we remember them in our prayers. Your Word says a lot about how You benefit Your children, and my prayer today is based on those promises. I ask that Your Spirit travel the world and bless every missionary with what they require today. Amen.

Prayer for Laborers

God my Sustainer, our missionaries are making plans and praying through ways to reach people and spread Your Gospel. Many of their ideas require additional feet on the ground. I pray, Lord, that You broaden their pool of laborers. I pray You touch the hearts of those who can go and walk alongside them in the task that You have given. I pray You grant the missionaries success in their search for volunteers. God, please increase their number. Amen.

Material Request Prayer

Righteous Savior, many of our missionaries work in areas where ministry resources are scarce. It’s hard for us to understand lacking basic necessities and resources because of how lucky we are to live in comfort. I pray that You give them the discernment on how to work around challenges. Help them to think outside the box if resources are not available. Bless them with a safe way to obtain what they need. Amen.

Prayer for God to Hide Them

God of Heaven’s Armies, many of our missionaries are serving in very hostile places for the Gospel. It is for those missionaries that I come before You. I ask for Your hedge of protection and covering over them. I pray You would hide their plans and actions from Your enemies. Many have plans to harm them, their ministry, or the new believers; please provide the covering they need. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance in Life

Victory, God of Victory, Today, I pray for missionaries all throughout the world. Life can be difficult, especially in the early stages of their service. Even the simplest chores necessitate learning new phrases, which can be intimidating. I pray that You instill a sense of adventure in each missionary. Assist them in seeing that each difficulty or challenge may be the next opportunity to express Your love with someone. Lord, give them courage and determination as they face the challenges of the day. Amen.

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