Powerful Evening Prayers to set your Night at PeaceĀ 

Powerful Evening Prayers to set your Night at Peace

These evening prayers to set your night at peace are worth committing your time for,  even when you seem so busy in the evening.

God, thank you for today and for our family. We regret any actions we took that caused you to be unhappy.

Powerful Evening Prayers to set your Night at Peace

Let me take you this Powerful Evening Prayers to set your Night at Peace 

Help us to love one another and to become better people. Please help us to worship you, Father. Bless all individuals everywhere. Bless our near and far-off family members.

Finally, we lift this prayer to You for Your consideration: Lord, we love You (put any intention that is private to you).

Bedtime Prayer

Gracious God, when I lay down to sleep, ease my body’s stress, alleviate my mind’s agitation, and quiet the ideas that concern and confound me.

Allow me to rest in Your loving and powerful arms with all of my issues.

Let Your Spirit guide my thoughts and feelings as I sleep so that when I wake up in the morning I may discover that I have received guidance, strength, peace, and forgiveness for my sins the previous night.

Please give me some sleep tonight so I can have life tomorrow. Amen

Thanksgiving Evening Prayer

Heavenly Father! Tonight, we give you thanks for the wonderful day and the unique manner you always look out for us.

Thank you for helping us learn new things every day and for the enjoyable times we had outside and indoors.

We appreciate you making us unique in the way you intended.

I appreciate you keeping us safe all day.

Please pardon us for the mistakes we’ve made.

We appreciate your love for us despite our indiscretions and attempts to have our own way. God, please help us to always follow your path since it is always the best.

We sincerely hope that everyone who doesn’t know you will come to recognize your affection for them as well.

Thank you for the good moments we have had together and apart and bless our family.

Bless our family, friends, and loved ones, especially our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We appreciate having a place to live, sleep, and eat.

Please give us restful sleep, calm dreams, and send your angels to guard our house all night long. Teach us to love you and to trust you more.

God, you are excellent, wonderful, and dependable. We also adore you. Until tomorrow, good night. Amen

Prayer for Evening Peace Sleep

Grant us your peace, O God, for you have given us everything. This peace is the peace of rest and the quiet of the Sabbath which has no sunset. Amen

Prayer for Night Hour

In your sanctuary this evening, O God, O Jesus Christ, in your sanctuary, in your sanctuary, in your sanctuary, O Spirit of perfect truth, the Three who would defend my cause, nor turn their backs on me, I place my soul and my body.

Keep me safe this evening and always, Father, who is good and just, Son, who conquers death, Holy Spirit of power, the Three who would vindicate me. Amen

Prayer for end of the day DisappointmentĀ 

Thank You, Lord, for working in my life, even when it seems like a failure.

Please help me to focus on You rather than my circumstances.

Help me to trust You more, especially when I encounter what appears to be a letdown. In the name of Jesus, Amen

Prayer for Protecting us in Your Peace

Grant us peacefulness during this night and always, O Lord our God. Keep our minds and hearts firmly fixed on you in holy awe so that we may constantly be shielded from the enemy’s traps.

And let us give praise and blessing to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit right now, forever, and throughout the ages. Amen.

A child Prayer before Bed in the 18th Century

Now that I’m ready to go to bed, I pray to the Lord to keep my soul, to keep watch over me through the night, and to awaken me with the dawn.

We’re delighted you showed up across this dailyupliftment amazing prayer today. Remain blessed 

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